A Powerful and Unforgettable Voice.

Ruthe Rosen made the courageous decision to turn her pain into purpose when her 14-year-old daughter Karla was diagnosed with brainstem glioma and given only one year to live.

The lessons Ruthe and her family learned along the way, as they prepared for Karla’s transition from this world to the next, and their ability to transform what many of us would have defined as a tragedy into a remarkable celebration of life, is a testament to the human spirit. It’s that same spirit that Ruthe’s moving book, Never Give Up, and her speaking engagements convey so honestly and so memorably.

KEYNOTE SERIES: “Meaningful Lessons”

Audience: Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff, and Other Medical and Health Care Professionals Who Work with the Seriously Ill or Disabled
Audience: Parents & Families Coping with a Sick Loved One
Audience: Professional Associations, Corporations, Non-Profits, Schools, Church Groups and Other Organizations

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